About The Ending

I know, the new episode has been somewhat delayed, but I hope it will be worth waiting for. To warm things up a little, here's the strident clue to the film and the theme of the next episode. Also, this ending scene is very crucial to the discussion in the next episode of Film Magistery.

[update] Mosfilm has blocked the viewing of the video on the website, so you will have to click on the link in order to watch it on Youtube.


Raw (2016) directed by the French director Julia Ducournau received relatively a lot of positive acknowledgment, but I must say I didn't fancy it much. The cinematography was quite pleasing, but the story and the subject is rather dazed, and if you think about it, not that original as it may seem at first. Raw had some interesting moments, but it is just yet another wannabe critique of the contemporary society that does not succeed in my opinion. There is simply too much crap blocking for the essence. I don't understand screenplay writers who have hard times focusing on a single story and do not try to avoid all the pitfalls of stuffing the story with bullshit. I have no problem with a film that lasts only 65 minutes. Better a strong short story than a terrible 'great American novel'.

But there was a single sentence that I really can relate to, being a father of two girls. :)



This film is nothing to write home about, but every time I see this poster, I see David Letterman instead of Terminator.


In Bruges

Image "We find a good balance between culture and fun".

From McDonagh's In Bruges (2008).

A Good Wife (2016)

A good wife is the one who doesn't ask questions, who doesn't know much, who is not interested to know more, who doesn't challenge her husband, family and friends.

A bad wife is the one who is interested to know the truth, even when it hurts the most, because she wants her soul to be pure.

This is a very brave and very important film, coming from a director/actor (Karanović) that most likely did have a problem with jingos and ultranationalists from her country, Serbia, who really do not want to know the truth about their own dark past (from the 1990s).