The Best Horror Films in 2016

I really like watching horror films, but unfortunately it is one of the film genres that are really, really hard to master and thus make a good film. However, 2016 was a quite good year for the poor genre. These are the horror films from the previous year I enjoyed the most.

  1. The Witch 9/10
  2. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House - 9/10
  3. The Girl With All the Gifts - 7/10
  4. Under the Shadow - 7/10
  5. I am Not a Serial Killer - 6/10
  6. The Neon Demon - 5/10

The_Witch The Witch (2016), directed by Robert Eggers.

The Witch
The eerie music, the atmospheric feel and the mystique. Everything works almost perfectly here: the sublime cinematography, the gorgeous production design, the cast and the mesmerizing mise-en-scene. It is so hard to witness the plot on screen, and it's a gut-wrenching experience to watch this marvelous film, but you want to watch every second and every detail of it.

The Witch has set a hole new standard for the horror genre. No, this is not a horror film. It is not a thriller nor a supernaturalโ€ฆ

Metropolitan (1990)

People don't write a lot of personal letters in 2017, but Whit Stillman's Metropolitan shows us that was apparently the case in 1990, too.



I was impressed by the beautiful cinematography by Aldo Scavarda, but I wasn't all pleased by Antonioni's too laid back and sloppy direction. And not to mention the technical parts, shadow of the camera in many sequences, too obvious lighting and very poor sound dubbing (a particular Italian treat from the past).

Still, there is something very captivating about 'L'avventura'. Antonioni is best when his characters are alone, doing jovial or unusual things, making grimmases.


The first act of the film is most interesting, especially because of the dialogues on the boat. Later, it gets a little boring, as if Antonioni wasn't too sure which way to go. Also, the plot is somewhat dull, idiosyncratic and underdeveloped.

I cannot hide that I am somewhat disappointed. I guess, I expected much more.


Films in Poland

While on trip in lovely Poland, I acquired these fine movie pamflets in the city of Stettin. The films are: Jackie, Silence, Passengers, Split and La La Land. While there I managed to watch Passengers in a local cinema. It was a quite good entertainment, but nothing extraordinary to expect from a typical Hollywood blockbuster. I was never a fan of musicals, but everybody is going crazy over La La Land, so maybe I should give it a go. On the other side, I am looking forward to Silence and Jackie. I only hope Mr. Shyamalan will do something good with Split this time.

01_jackie.jpg 02_silence.jpg 03_passengers.jpg 04_lalaland.jpg 05_split.jpg

A new home

A very good news for our little obscure project that started in October. Film Magistery has got a new spiritual home and that is here at Previously we had a temporary shelter at, but my wife suggested that it was for the best if Film Magistery had its own home. So I complied and it was a great idea, I confess. Once again a rumor is confirmed - behind every great man there's an extraordinary woman. :)

On a side note, I am making preparations for a brand new episode of Film Magistery, the first in the new (and hopefully happy) 2017.