Blog: January 2017

Films in Poland

While on trip in lovely Poland, I acquired these fine movie pamflets in the city of Stettin. The films are: Jackie, Silence, Passengers, Split and La La Land. While there I managed to watch Passengers in a local cinema. It was a quite good entertainment, but nothing extraordinary to expect from a typical Hollywood blockbuster. I was never a fan of musicals, but everybody is going crazy over La La Land, so maybe I should give it a go. On the other side, I am looking forward to Silence and Jackie. I only hope Mr. Shyamalan will do something good with Split this time.

01_jackie.jpg 02_silence.jpg 03_passengers.jpg 04_lalaland.jpg 05_split.jpg

A new home

A very good news for our little obscure project that started in October. Film Magistery has got a new spiritual home and that is here at Previously we had a temporary shelter at, but my wife suggested that it was for the best if Film Magistery had its own home. So I complied and it was a great idea, I confess. Once again a rumor is confirmed - behind every great man there's an extraordinary woman. :)

On a side note, I am making preparations for a brand new episode of Film Magistery, the first in the new (and hopefully happy) 2017.

Episode 4: The Lives of Others/Surveillance

In the fourth episode of Film Magistery Dino talks about surveillance and how the society is subdued the heavy tracking from many different sides. As the reference to the theme the German film The Lives of Others (von Donnersmarck, 2006) is chosen to be discussed and how East Germany's security police, the Stasi, kept the whole nation under its firm surveillance. Bentham's concept of Panopticon is mentioned as an important element in discussion about surveillance. But what does surveillance mean to us? Dino asks if a society should passively accept surveillance or perhaps contest it and demand from politicians to legislate and control it. There is also a mentioning of some other examples of films with surveillance as the main theme: The Conversation, Minority Report, Caché, Brazil, Rear Window etc.

Episode 3: Bob Roberts/Donald Trump & Post-Factual Society

In the third episode of Film Magistery Dino talks about Tim Robbins' Bob Roberts (1992), a satirical mockumentary about a young right-wing conservative folk-singer who runs for the US Senate. The film's political theme is compared to the current presidential election in the USA and Donald Trump. Dino asks if the election of both Bob Roberts and Donald Trump is a clear sign that we live in a post-factual society.

Episode 2: El Sur/Our Childhood's Memories of Our Fathers

Dino talks about Erice's The South (El Sur, 1983), a great film about a young girl and her relationship to her mysterious father. He also puts it into the perspective of his own childhood and his perception of his father. There's also a short mentioning of Dino's recent DVD acquisitions. Yes, a Tarkovsky work is among them. Dino compares El Sur's ambiance to Caravaggio's use of lighting in his paintings. Oh, and did you know Dino's brother's name is Elvis?