Blog: March 2017

The Young Pope

This is a TV series, but it has so much good stuff, we should not miss it. I mean, it is about a young Pope (you don't say?), who is quite misanthropic, don't you think?


Domicile Conjugal

Ups and Downs. That's what's the marriage about in Truffaut's Domicile Conjugal (1970, Bed & Board). Truffaut's vision of it is somewhat juvenile and light-hearted, but it is funny and witty with many great moments, such as "If you use art to settle account, it's no longer art" and "If I were a woman, I couldn't stand it. Naked men are disgusting". Especially the latter, you know it's a true statement from Monsieur Truffaut. :)


Film Magistery #6: Burn After Reading/Age of Bullshit

In the sixth episode of Film Magistery Dino talks about the abundance of bullshit today around us and Coens’ underrated film Burn After Reading (2008), a tongue-in-cheek spy film about people who know nothing, but pretend to know a lot. It says a lot about the cultural and interpersonal condition of the modern society today. We ask what bullshit is and why is there so much of it around us.

Harry Frankfurt, On Bullshit, 2005.

Photo “I’m not a liar!” by Tristan Schmurr Licence: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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