Blog: raw


Raw (2016) directed by the French director Julia Ducournau received relatively a lot of positive acknowledgment, but I must say I didn't fancy it much. The cinematography was quite pleasing, but the story and the subject is rather dazed, and if you think about it, not that original as it may seem at first. Raw had some interesting moments, but it is just yet another wannabe critique of the contemporary society that does not succeed in my opinion. There is simply too much crap blocking for the essence. I don't understand screenplay writers who have hard times focusing on a single story and do not try to avoid all the pitfalls of stuffing the story with bullshit. I have no problem with a film that lasts only 65 minutes. Better a strong short story than a terrible 'great American novel'.

But there was a single sentence that I really can relate to, being a father of two girls. :)