The Best Horror Films in 2016

I really like watching horror films, but unfortunately it is one of the film genres that are really, really hard to master and thus make a good film. However, 2016 was a quite good year for the poor genre. These are the horror films from the previous year I enjoyed the most.

  1. The Witch 9/10
  2. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House - 9/10
  3. The Girl With All the Gifts - 7/10
  4. Under the Shadow - 7/10
  5. I am Not a Serial Killer - 6/10
  6. The Neon Demon - 5/10

The_Witch The Witch (2016), directed by Robert Eggers.

The Witch
The eerie music, the atmospheric feel and the mystique. Everything works almost perfectly here: the sublime cinematography, the gorgeous production design, the cast and the mesmerizing mise-en-scene. It is so hard to witness the plot on screen, and it's a gut-wrenching experience to watch this marvelous film, but you want to watch every second and every detail of it.

The Witch has set a hole new standard for the horror genre. No, this is not a horror film. It is not a thriller nor a supernatural gore. It is a great film work made the way this kind is supposed to be made. A pure art.