A New Home

A very good news for our little obscure project that started in October. Film Magistery has got a new spiritual home and that is here at magistery.dk. Previously we had a temporary shelter at avdibeg.dk, but my wife suggested that it was for the best if Film Magistery had its own home. So I complied and it was a great idea, I confess. Once again a rumor is confirmed - behind every great man there's an extraordinary woman. :)

On a side note, I am making preparations for a brand new episode of Film Magistery, the first in the new (and hopefully happy) 2017.

Night and Fog/Genocide

Alain Resnais made a short documentary film about Holocaust in 1956. Is it still relevant today? In the first episode of FILM MAGISTERY I talk about whether the humankind has progressed on a cultural level or not? I mention several other genocides in the recent history, especially the one in Bosnia in 1995. Also, watch me make a fool of myself while doing a (fake) Russian accent.